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Nosode: What is Nosode ?

A nosode is prepared from a viral or bacterial culture. It carries the molecular imprint of the pathogenic agent. When prepared according to homeopathic procedures, the remedy is free of toxins.
In homeopathy, a nosode is also called an oral vaccine. It is used to immunize the body against a viral or bacterial infection. 
Homeopathic vaccines are obtained from the same viral or bacterial culture of a particular disease: Varicellinum from chicken-pox, Pertussin from whopping cough, B.C.G. from tuberculosis, Rubella from German measles, Diphtherotoxinum from typhoid fever, and the list goes on.
When conventional vaccinations are compulsory because of school regulations or travel, a homeopathic remedy can be taken to protect against post-vaccination reaction without interfering with the principle of the vaccine.To decrease the possibility of adverse reaction to a vaccine, a dose of Sulphur 1 LM is taken the day before the vaccine and a dose of Thuya occidentalis 1 LM the day after the vaccine.
When there is a mild or serious reaction to a vaccine, a nosode prepared from the same pathogenic agent is taken to neutralize the reaction caused by the vaccination without disturbing the quality of the vaccine. If post-vaccination encephalitis occurs, get medical attention immediately and administer a dose of Vaccinotoxinum.
There are five nosodes used to modify miasmatic milieu or disease influences: Psorinum, Tuberculinum, Luesinum, Medorrhinum, and Carcinosinum.
Nosode - Clinical Treatment Remedies


Anthracinum, Anti-colibacillary serum, Aviaire, Bacillinum, B.C.G., Botulinum, Candida ablicans, 
Carcinosinum, Colibacillinum, Dipthericum, Diphterotoxinum, Enteroccocinum, Herpes simplex 1,
Herpes simplex 11, Influenzinum, Gonotoxinum, Hydrophobinum, Luesinum,  Malaria, Medorrhinum,
Meningococcinum, Mononucleose, Oophorinum, Orchitinum, Pertussin, Psoricum, Monila abicans,
Morbillinum, Parotidinum, Paratyphoidinum B, Penicillinum, Pertussinum, Pituitarium, Psorinum,
Pyrogenium, Rubella, Scarlatinum, Schirrhinum, Staphylococcinum, Streptococcinum, Syphilinum,
Tetanus, Toxoplasmosis, Tuberculinum, Vaccinotoxinum, Varicellinum, Variolinum, Yersin serum.
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