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Menopause - Homeopathy
Menopause, commonly known as the "change of life", is the period during which menstruation comes to an end in a woman between the age of forty-five and fifty-five. It is produced when the ovaries gradually reduce their ovulation and hormone secretion of estrogen and progesterone.
In some women, menopause may occur with only minor disturbances, but with others, the reduction of the supply of estrogen causes physiological and psychological symptoms. These symptoms usually vanish once the missing hormones are artificially supplied.
The periods before, during, and after are called premenopausal, menopause, and post-menopausal.
Premenopausal symptoms include skipped periods, and decrease flow. During menopause the menstrual flow becomes irregular, less frequent, and then ceases. The post-menopausal period is when hormone balance is established.
The symptoms associated with menopause are hot flashes, chills, dizziness, insomnia, heart palpitation, nervousness, depression, mood swings, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, vaginal itching, irritable bladder, and an urgency to urinate.
The most common symptom is hot flashes limited to the face, neck, or to the upper chest. The flushes come suddenly and may cause sleep disturbances. They are accompanied by perspiration. " A woman is awaken at night by hot spells, she throws off her cover, and as she falls asleep again, she is awakened by sweat and chills."
Certain diseases and surgical procedures can cause premature menopause. Artificial menopause may result from surgical removal of the ovaries. 
The possible complications involved with menopause are osteoporosis, heart disease, and urinary tract infection.
Homeopathy in Practice
Conventional medicine treats menopause with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Questions concerning HRT are being raised. The side effects caused by them are worse than the symptoms. HRT increases the risk of cancer, stroke, and heart attack.

The homeopathic treatment goal is to address hormonal imbalance. Since, homeopathic remedies are diluted to the infinitesimal dose, they stimulate hormone balance and relieve menopausal symptoms without causing any side effects. Once, the right remedy and dose is administered balance is established, and treatment is no longer required.

Menopause Diet
Eat a well-balanced diet based on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, fish, chicken, and turkey.
Avoid trans fatty acids and saturated fat.
Increase soluble fiber intake.
Eat canned salmon and sardines with bone to help prevent osteoporosis.
Add soy to your diet.
Engage in 30 minutes of physical activities, per day.
Stop smoking.
Reduce stress.
Leading Remedies in Homeopathy for Menopause
Actea racemosa is an effective remedy in the treatment of menopause. The estrogen-like action of the remedy treats hot flashes, cold perspiration, headaches, and depression.
Cimicifuga racemosa is indicated in the treatment of peri-menopausal symptoms. The hormone-like activity of the remedy treats climacteric symptoms, cold sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, and depression.
Bryonia relieves vaginal dryness, irritability, and anxiety.
Glonoinum treats all menopausal symptoms caused when exposed to the sun.
Lachesis treats pathological problems that start at menopause. Hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, irritability, cold feet, palpitation. and headaches on rising. The patient is incredibly loquacious.
Lilium tigrinum treats loss of elasticity in the genitals.
Melilotus treats hot flashes, beating of the artery, and a congestive headache made better after a nose bleed.
Pulsatilla is indicated in the treatment of peri-menopausal symptoms, uterine prolapses, endometriosis, and night sweats.
Sanguinaria is indicated when there is a change in the circulatory system during menopause such as migraine headaches, palpitations, and high blood pressure. The remedy treats vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, and painful coition.
Ignatia is an effective remedy in the treatment of depressive disorders during menopause, hysteria, suspicious behavior, and claustrophobia.
Sepia treats low libido, hot flashes, physical weakness, and irritability.
Sulphur treats hot flashes that come in the evening.
China is given if a period is followed by another period six to twelve months later.
Gemmotherapy Treatment
Betula pubescens
Rubus ideus
Nat mur
Nosode Remedy
Natural Supplements for Menopause
Black cohosh relieves hot flashes.
Dong quai treats symptoms of menopause.
Wild yam treats hormone imbalances.
Evening primrose oil helps ease menopausal disturbances.
Lactobacillus acidophilus is a friendly gut bacterium for menopausal support.
Calcium/magnesium with vitamin D is recommended for bone health.
Chasteberry contains estrogen and progesterone properties.
Vitex is a hormone balancing herb.
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