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Liver Detoxification Pathways - Homeopathy
Toxin influences comes from two sources: endogenous and exogenous contamination.
Endogenous substance contamination originates from within the organism.
Exogenous substance contamination happens as an autointoxication that enters the body from the outside. It can develop from several factors such as bad diet, microorganism, heavy metals, vaccinations, tobacco smoking, drugs, air pollution, and chemicals in the environment. Any substance that cannot be utilized by the organism is excreted from the body.
Detoxification is the process of purging toxins from the body. The kidneys, liver, skin, intestines, and lungs are the body's excretory organs. They are governed by the endocrine and nervous system and serve the emunctory function of carrying away waste products from within the body.

Toxins are the main source of disease. They perturb the equilibrium of the vital force and diminish the vital action of organs. Through the body's natural routes of elimination, the organism is constantly purging toxins in an effort to maintain physiological and psychological balance. 

The liver is the primary organ of detoxification. It filters about two quarts of blood every minute. The blood transported to the liver from the intestines is filled with bacteria. As blood passes through the filtration system, 99 percent of the toxins and bacteria are removed before the blood re-enters circulation.

The liver has two detoxification pathways for draining unnatural chemical toxins from the body. They are known as Phase 1 and Phase 11 detoxification processes.

In the Phase 1 detoxification process, enzymatic activity changes chemical toxins into intermediate chemicals so that these toxins become accessible to the Phase 11 metabolic transformation. But when Phase 1 is weakened with accumulated toxins the extensive activation of the intermediate chemicals generates free radicals in the system. Free radicals are harmful toxins that cause mutation and damage to DNA.

The Phase 11 detoxification process involves the liver adding a chemical to the toxins and transforming them into a water-soluble chemical to help the kidneys eliminate these toxins. 

For good liver detoxification, a balance between Phase 1 and Phase 11 detoxification processes must be kept. When both Phase 1 and Phase 11 detoxification processes are imbalanced and this balance is combined with toxin overload, an enormous stress is put on the liver and kidneys.

The effort of the organism to expel toxins is manifested by various reactive reactions. if the body is invaded by toxins, it will produce acute reactions such as a cold, sore throat, influenza, etc. if the body fails to eliminate accumulated toxins, it will produce chronic reactions such as psoriasis, arthritis, diabetes, etc.
To avoid toxin damage, homeopathy uses remedies that assist the liver with the detoxification of toxins.
Leading Remedies in Homeopathy for Liver Cleanse / Detoxification

Chelidonium majus is an excellent liver detoxification remedy. It is used as a treatment for acute inflammation and disorders of the liver. It treats a fatty liver. The liver is painful accompanied by sharp pain in the right shoulder.

Carduus marianus is a hepato-biliary cleanser. It has action on the left lobe of the liver. It treats cirrhosis. Pain radiates horizontally around the waist.

Taraxacum acts on liver insufficiency. The patient has a patchy tongue that looks like a geography map. It treats a sluggish liver.

Solidago supports the drainage of both the liver and the kidney.There is a continual  bitter taste in the mouth.
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