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Hemorrhoids - Piles - Homeopathy
Hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles, are swollen, varicose veins in the mucous membrane of the rectum. They are the result of constant pressure of the rectal veins. This causes them to become inflamed to the point a small painful lump is felt in the anus. Poor blood flow in the veins will result in a blood clot.
Hemorrhoids are caused by straining due to constipation, sitting for prolonged period, a low fiber diet, obesity, pregnancy, age, and even constant diarrhea.
There are three types of hemorrhoids: External, internal, and prolapsed piles.
External hemorrhoids are purple coloured, swollen veins outside the anal sphincter.
Internal hemorrhoids are situated above the anal sphincter.
Combined hemorrhoids are the combination of the two. Complication of internal and external hemorrhoids may lead to the general prolapses of the entire anorectal area.
If the piles protrude through the anus, they are known as prolapes hemorrhoids.
The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids are itching and bleeding of bright red blood.
Secondary infection caused from fungi causes severe itching, to the point, people scratch, and tear the tissues to get relief.
Homeopathy in Practice
Do not suppress piles with hemorrhoid creams.  Doing so, may lead to varicose veins of the leg. (See homeopathic suppression theory).
The homeopathic treatment goal is to cure hemorrhoids naturally, and to prevent future piles by softening the stools.
Dietary modification is recommended.
Alternative Treatment for Piles
Avoid sitting or standing for a long period of time.
Don't ignore the call of nature. Reduce straining at stool.
Do a cold water Sitz bath with witch hazel to tone up the walls.
Healing Diet for Piles
Avoid a high fat diet.
Choose good fats such as monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and omega-3 essential fatty acids.
Eat a well-balanced, high-fiber diet to help create soft stool.
To soften stools add 1 tablespoons of grounded flaxseeds to soups, stews, or salads.
Eat plenty of fresh fruits, and vegetables.
Get high-quality protein from fish, chicken, and turkey.

Drink eight to ten glasses of water, per day for bulkier stool.
Leading Remedies in Homeopathy for Hemorrhoids
Aesculus hippocastanum is indicated in the treatment of venous stasis. The hemorrhoids are purplish in colour, they burn and ache. Most effective in suppository form.
Aloe treats protruding purple hemorrhoids, rectal incontinence. Symptoms include itching and burning of the anus.
Millefolium is an effective remedy in the treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids. A sharp pain in the rectum.
Ratanhia treats hemorrhoids, bleeding diarrhea, and anal fissures.
Collinsonia treats hemorrhoids after childbirth.
Pulsatilla prevents hemorrhoids during childbirth.
Hamamelis cream is applied externally to relieve itching.
Paeonia treats combined hemorrhoids, anal pruritis.
Gemmotherapy Treatment
Sorbus domestica
Biochemic Tissue salts
Calc fluor
Organotherapy Treatment
Hemorrhoidial vein
Natural Supplements for Hemorrhoids, Piles
Psyllium husks help prevent hemorrhoids.
Aloe Vera whole leaf juice helps promote regularity.
Vitamin C treats and prevents hemorrhoids.
Yarrow tea provides relief from bleeding hemorrhoids.
Marshmallow tea helps reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids.
Lactobacillus acidophilus is a friendly bacteria located in the bowels.
Butcher's broom provides relief for hemorrhoids.
Alternative Recommendations
A series of colonics are highly beneficial in the treatment of hemorrhoids.
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