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Headaches - Homeopathic Treatment Remedies
A headache, is a pain across the forehead, or within the head. The pain may be severe or mild in character. It can last from half an hour to a couple of days. 
Chronic headaches are either migraine, tension, or cluster headaches.
There are three types of tension headaches:
1. Headaches from muscle strain in the head, face, and neck.
2. Headaches from constricted blood vessels in the head. 
3. Headaches from dilated blood vessels in the brain.
The most common symptoms of tension headaches are throbbing pain in the head or temple, accompanied by nausea and vomit.
A migraine, is an intense, incapacitating headache that affects one side of the head, either the right or left side, but never the whole head. A typical attack starts with the inability to see clearly, with flickering, or a blue or yellow zig zag pattern appears before the eye. The visual disturbances may last a few second to one hour but disappears once the headache begins. The person may feel nauseated and vomit. The headache is often described as throbbing and intense. The symptoms may be aggravated by noise, light, and movement.
Factors that may trigger a migraine headache are: 
  • atmospheric changes in the weather
  • hormones (menstrual cycle)
  • emotional stress
  • offending foods
  • additives (MSG, nitrates, and artificial sweeteners)
  • high consumption of alcohol
A cluster headache is an intense attack of  pain around one side of the head, behind the eye, radiating along the forehead in cyclic patterns or clusters. A running nose and tearing of the eyes are often associated with cluster headaches. You can get one to three attacks per day, for several weeks or months.
Homeopathy in Practice
In homeopathy, we study disease by gathering a total picture of the symptoms found in the patient. Remedies have an infinity to symptoms appearing on the right or left side of the head. When the right remedy and dose are given, permanent healing follows.
Headaches Healing Diet  
Remove foods that may trigger an attack such as eggs, red wine, fermented cheese, wheat, pop, coffee, and peanut butter.
Pork and chocolate may also trigger an attack.
Excess use of alcohol should be avoided.
Have a cup of coffee, the caffeine helps constrict blood vessels.
Ginger tea helps prevent migraine headaches.
Practice good food-combining to prevent a headache.
Drink eight to ten glasses of water, per day.
Add a few drop of lavender oil to sesame oil and rub it on the temple.
Apply a cold pack to the feet.
Place a cold cloth over the affected area.
Take care of your eyes.
Get adequate amount of sleep.
Leading Remedies in Homeopathy for Headaches 
Arnica treats the onset of a headache following a trauma to the head (accident or injury).
Sanguinaria treats cluster headaches. The pain starts at the back of the head and extends to the deltoid muscle. It may occur every seven days. It is known as the Sunday headache. It is a right sided remedy.
Belladonna is indicated in the treatment of recurrent headaches. Symptoms include throbbing pain on the right temple with flushed cheeks, dilated pupils, and nose bleed. The headache is aggravated by light, noise, and motion.
Sepia's headaches are hormone related. The migraine stops after exercising. The person is pessimistic, sees everything in black, and wants to be alone.
Cimicifuga relieves occipital pain which extends from the head to the nose.
Gelsemium treats recurrent cluster headaches caused from emotional instability. Pain over the left eye, with heavy eyelids.
Cyclamen is indicated in the treatment of migraine headaches. Symptoms include throbbing pain over the right eye spreading to the left, blurred vision, nausea, and dizziness. The headaches gets worse after drinking coffee.
Iris versicolor treats periodic migraine headaches caused from indigestion. Blurred vision with pain on the right side of the head. The vomiting of bile.
Spigelia relieves intolerable tension headaches that starts on the left side of the head and spreads to the right. Motion make the headaches worse.
Silicea relieves a pain at the back of the head that spreads to the eye. The headaches are alleviated by wrapping the head with a band.
Lycopodium treats a throbbing pain on the right temple with dizziness.
Ignatia treats migraine headaches that occur after an emotional upset, grief, or broken heart.
Pulsatilla treats migraine headaches during a menstrual period. They are aggravated by eating fatty food.
Lachesis is indicated for left sided complaints of women at menopause. A tension headache on rising, feels better in the evening.
Glonoinum treats headaches caused from sun exposure or heat. 
Kali bich treats migraine headaches that begins after drinking beer. Nausea is followed by vomit. Symptoms are aggravated by light. 
Thuya relieves left-sided headaches. Feels as if a nail is piercing the head.
Nux vomica relieves migraine headaches that occur after drinking too much alcohol.
Aurum metallicum is indicated for cerebral congestion. The person is suicidal.
Actea racemosa relieve pain at the top of the head that radiates from the Arnold nerve.
Gemmotherapy Treatment
Rosa canina
Ficus carica
Biochemic Tissue Salts
Ferrum phos
Kali sulph
Nat mur
Nosode Remedy
Natural Supplements for Headache
Feverfew helps prevent headaches.

Lavender oil helps relieve migraine headaches.

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant.
Evening primrose oil can decrease the frequency of migraine headaches.
Vitamin C help ease headaches.
A Niacin deficiency may cause headaches.
Alternative Recommendations
Check for yeast infection.
A series of colonics are highly beneficial in the treatment of headaches.

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