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Constipation - Homeopathy
Constipation is the inactivity of the bowels to have a movement resulting in difficult and infrequent evacuation.

Almost everyone at one time or another has suffered from occasional constipation due to a sudden change in diet, pregnancy, travel, or stress. In most cases, constipation is caused by a faulty diet.
The digestion of food results in watery waste in the stomach and small intestine that passes into the colon where the water is absorbed from the waste. When waste matter stays in the large intestine too long, so much water is removed from the waste that the stool becomes solid and compressed.This causes difficult, incomplete, and infrequent evacuation.The most common symptoms associated with constipation are nausea, headaches, heartburn, bloating, gas, fatigue, depression, and distress in the intestines. These uncomfortable symptoms are due to nerves which send distress signals when the rectum is distended by fecal matter. Movements that require straining can bring about rectal problems such as hemorrhoids, fissures, or hernias. 
The most common cause of constipation in children is either a functional disorder caused by sluggishness, or an organic disorder due to celiac disease or Hirschsprung disease.
Constipation can also alternate with diarrhea. Spastic constipation, also known as irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, is an irritation of the intestine caused by high levels of stress. It is characterized by recurrent abdominal pain associated with diarrhea and constipation.
Organic constipation is caused by a physical change  to an organ. It may result from scar tissues, inflammatory conditions, tumors, or cancer of the bowels. There are two significant changes that occur when organic disease is the cause of constipation: (1) Blood in the stool, and (2) change in bowel habits and in the character of the stool. Consult with your physician immediately. Cancer discovered in the early stage is curable.
Homeopathy in Practice

The homeopathic treatment goal is twofold: 

1. Regulate the bowels back to normal function.
2. Get rid of toxins accumulated in the system.
If the body does not eliminate waste matter daily, toxins  begin to accumulate in the colon and create toxin overload. Over time, toxins enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the system, where they will eventually permeate the cells. This opens the door for illness and disease to follow. 
Constipation Healing Diet
Don't overlook the call of nature.
Cultivate regular habits of elimination.
Avoid iron supplements, they cause constipation.
Eat foods high in fiber such as fruits, leafy green vegetables, legumes, whole grains cereals, figs and prunes.
Practice good food-combining.
In the morning drink a cup of warm water to which the juice of half a lemon is added.
Take one teaspoon of ground flax seeds with yogurt before bedtime.
Drink a large glass of juice made from fresh fruits.
Apply a castor oil pack on the abdomen to relieve pain.
Make yourself a ginger tea.
Engage in 30 minutes of physical activity.
Drink eight to ten glasses of water, per day.
Colon hydrotherapy is beneficial for constipation.
Leading Remedies in Homeopathy for Constipation
Argentum nitricum treats constipation caused by the overuse of laxatives.
Baryta carbonica treats chronic constipation in the elderly 55 yrs and older.
Berberis vulgaris is recommended if constipation is caused by a kidney condition.
Bryonia treats constipation with indigestion.
Lycopodium treats constipation in infants. Symptoms include an urge to stool without result with painful flatulence. The child cries between 4 and 8 p.m.
Plumbum relieves pain and spasm of the anal sphincter. Stools resemble sheep poop.
Alumina treats constipation due to insufficient secretion of mucus in the stomach.

Collinsonia treats chronic constipation. The stools are dry, hard, and difficult to expel. Person doubles over from pain.
Graphites treats functional constipation. Very large stools with mucus. Distended abdomen.
Nux vomica relieves bloating, stomach cramps, and gas. The person is sensitive, anxious, and nervous.
Silicea is indicated for rectal atony.  
Chelidonium treats constipation due to liver problem. Stools come out in hard, pale and discoloured lumps.
Hepar sulfur is indicated in the treatment of  bowel obstruction.
Taraxacum treats constipation in children.
Nux moscata treats constipation due to extreme dry mucus.
Platina is recommended to a woman who is constipated during her period.
Calcarea carbonica is recommended if the person feels better constipated.
Senna relieves constipation with gas.
Sulphur relieves the burning of the anus caused by constipation.
Gemmotherapy Treatment
Vaccinum vitis idaea
Tissue Salts Remedies
Nat mur
Nat sulph
Organotherapy Treatment
Sigmoid colon
Mucus of the colon
Nosode Remedy
Natural Supplements for Constipation
Aloe Vera whole leaf juice is used to improve regularity.
Psyllium husk is a dietary fiber which supports the digestive system.
Cascara sagrada is a natural herbal laxative.
Slippery elm helps regulate the system.
Probiotics are live microorganisms essential for proper bowel function.
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