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Cancer - Homeopathy
Cancer is an abnormal malignant growth of cells.
Cancer can arise inside a duct in the breast, bronchial tube in the lungs, or in the lining of the uterus, stomach, or bowel.
When a cancer arises in the epithelial tissue, it is called carcinomas (cancer of the breast, stomach, womb, skin, tongue, or lungs).
When it originates in the connective tissue (bone, and muscle), it is called sarcomas.
Leukemia is a malignant neoplasm of the blood-forming tissues. It usually begins in the bone marrow.
Lymphomas is the disease of the blood-forming organs and lymphatic system. One type is Hodgkins disease.
In central nervous system, the cancer begins in the tissue of the spinal cord.
Homeopathy in Practice
Cancer is multi-miasmatic. It is made of many miasmatic layers. A series of homeopathic nosodes are required to remove the multi-miasmatic milieu.
1. Psoraddresses the breeding ground for cancer.
2. Sycosis addresses the productive manifestation of cutaneous neoformation of tumors.
3.Carcinosinum addresses the predisposition and susceptibility of the organism to get cancer.
Anti-Cancer Diet

Avoid a high-fat diet. It increases the risk of developing cancer.
Avoid cow milk and milk products, especially cheese. They contain tumor-promoting growth hormones.
Sugar feeds cancer cells. Avoid carbohydrates. Stay away from fruits, fruit juices, pasta, baked goods, cereals, potato, carrots, beets, and alcohol.
Garlic has anti-fungal properties. Before breakfast take a very tiny piece of garlic and crush it with a knife. Swallow it with a glass of water.
Maximize your intake of fresh, organic vegetables. Eat vegetables from a variety of colors–dark green, rich yellow, deep orange, and red. They protect against cancer.
Blueberries have antioxidant properties: include them with your morning breakfast.
Get high protein intake from eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, nuts, and seeds.
Drink eight to ten glasses of water per day, to help flush out toxins.
Leading Homeopathic Remedies for Cancer
Carbo animalis is indicated when a lump looks suspicious.
Thuya treats cancerous disposition of all types of cancer.
Phytolacca treats both a malignant or benign tumor
Conium treats indurated nodules
China is used after a surgical intervention
Radium bromatum is indicated for ill effect of radiation
Arsenicum album treats anxiety, fear of death
Calcarea fluorica treats sarcoma, connective tissues and muscle
Radium bromatum treats leukemia in children
Tarentula cubensis indicated for lymphoma
Condurango slows the evolution of a fast growing tumor
Hydratis treats cancerous conditions, ill effect of chemo, when one is unable to eat food
Scrofularia treats a breast tumor
Benzolum is indicated in the treatment of leukemia
Hekla lava treats sarcoma, cancer of the bone
Baryta iodatum treats cancer of the breast
Lachesis treats cancer of the ovaries
Crotalus horridus treats prostatic carcinoma
Ornithogallum treats intestinal tumor, colon cancer, and cancer of the stomach
Berberis vulgaris
Vitis vinifera
Natural Supplements for Cancer
Take a multivitamin in addition to eating a wholesome diet.
A liquid, vitamin B-12 supplement supports the making of new cells.
Essiac tea helps nourish and strengthen individual cells.
Vitamin C helps stop the growth of cancer cells.
Probiotics help improve digestive health after chemo.
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