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Bronchitis - Homeopathy 
Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi.  There are two types of bronchitis: Acute and chronic.
Acute bronchitis is a common disorder following an upper respiratory infection. It occurs as a complication of influenza or the common cold. Bronchitis usually runs parallel to the underlying infection. It is characterized by fever, chest pain, and cough. Given the proper attention acute bronchitis should not last more than two to three weeks. If it persists longer than that, it may develop into a chronic infection.
Chronic bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi caused by cigarette smoking or recurrent infections. It is marked by a thickening of the walls of the bronchi with increased phlegm production. This results in a hacking cough, breathlessness, with mucus difficult to expectorate. Along with the cough a dull pain in the middle of the chest may be felt.The most common complication of bronchitis is pneumonia

Homeopathy in Practice
Respect the body's natural ability to heal.
Every disease is caused by toxins (bacteria, viruses, foreign agents, etc.). As toxins accumulate in the system, they perturb the equilibrium of the vital force. In an attempt to reinstate homeostasis, the body directs its vitality towards the elimination of toxins. This articulated through pain, nasal congestion, bronchial catarrh, cough, fever, etc.. The symptoms are an attempt of the organism at a healing process.
A fever is a good symptom. It indicates that the immune system is being responsive to an infection. However, if every time we get a fever we suppress it, we prevent the body from reacting in the future.
A cough is  the body's natural method of protecting the air passage. It helps clear foreign substances and secretions from the respiratory tract.
Do not suppress a cough. Doing so may lead to an obstruction of the airways.

Bronchitis Healing Diet

Avoid mucus-forming foods. The fat content of dairy products such as cow milk, ice cream, butter, and cheese causes the production of mucus.
Avoid foods rich in saturated fats.
Drink plenty of hot fluids to loosen mucus build-up. Make yourself hot lemonade, for vitamin C.
Consume plenty of yellow, and green fruits and vegetables.
Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a humidifier.
Drink lots of water.
Alternative Treatment 
Avoid going out in the cold, fog, or rain.
Apply a mustard poultice to the chest.
Stop smoking, if you smoke.
Convention medicine uses antibiotics to treat bronchitis. Antibiotics cannot tell the difference between good bacteria or bad bacteria. They destroy the good as well as the bad. When we destroy good bacteria, we allow the bad bacteria to take over. 
Leading Remedies in Homeopathy for Bronchitis
Aconitum treats bronchitis that comes suddenly after exposure to cold air. Symptoms include a short, dry cough with chills and fever. 
Belladonna treats acute bronchitis. Symptoms include a sore throat, fever, and profuse perspiration.The condition gets worse after 3 a.m. The mouth is dry.
Bryonia treats chronic bronchitis with possible complication of either bronchopneumonia or pleurisy. The cough is accompanied by a sore throat with difficulty swallowing. The chest feels as if it is going to burst with every movement (breathing). There is a great desire to be left alone and not disturbed.
Kalium bichromicum treats hyper production of very thick mucus. The remedy helps bring out phlegm. A tightening of the chest is felt while breathing. Indicated for acute and chronic bronchitis. 
Antimonium tartaricum treats pulmonary edema. Symptoms include a suffocating spasmodic cough with a loud rattle in the chest with thick, green mucus that is difficult to expectorate.
Chamomilla treats an intolerable cough that gets worse around 9 p.m. The person is impatient, nervous, and angry.
Ipeca fluidifies bronchial secretion. A convulsive cough that ends in gagging or vomiting.
Hydrastis treats chronic bronchitis. There's a foul, nasal catarrh that is thick, yellow, and stringy. The catarrh ulcerates the nostrils.
Grindelia treats a loose, productive cough. Person feels as if suffocating upon falling asleep.
Kalium iodatum treats bronchitis, laryngitis, coryza, and asthma. Symptoms include a runny nose, sneezing, and loss of smell. It gets worse in the evening.
Kreosotum treats a smoker's cough. All secretions are acrid and corrosive.
Argentum nitricum relieves the irritation of the larynx. Indicated for morning hoarseness of singers and orators who can't talk or sing without coughing.
Ammonium carbonicum is a remedy for people who eliminate toxins poorly. It treats bronchopneumonia. Symptoms include a hard-to-shake cough, shallow breathing, and chest pain. The nose bleeds after washing the face.
Arsenicum iodatum relieves an obstruction in the respiratory tract.
Phosphorus triiodatus is indicated in the treatment of a persistent cold which complicates into bronchitis, laryngitis, or bronchopneumonia. 
Arum triphyllum treats a repetitious dry cough that is caused by tobacco.
Causticum treats chronic bronchitis of the elderly 55 yrs and older. The cough causes involuntary discharge of urine. Also indicated for a morning smoker's cough.
Drosera is indicated in the treatment of acute bronchitis. Coughing causes an inclination to vomit. The person has a sore throat, and is unable to take solids.
Stannum treats a respiratory infection. The accumulation of mucus in the trachea causes shortness of breath, and violent coughing.
Spongia tosta treats acute bronchitis. There is an oppressive, suffocating cough that gives the sensation as if breathing through a sponge. The thyroid glands are swollen and hard.
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Organotherapy Treatment
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Natural Supplements for Bronchitis
Echinacea is recommended at the first sign of a bacterial or viral infection.
Lobelia extract is used as an expectorant. It stimulates the respiratory system.
Eucalyptus oil helps relieve bronchial congestion.
Vitamin C increases the body's resistant to infection.
Zinc lozenges reduce the duration of bronchitis.
Ester C helps heal inflammation.
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