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10 Food Combination Rules
Food combing is based on the theory that different classes of nutrients require different gastric juices to break them down. When we eat food high in carbohydrates, alkaline gastric juices are required. On the other hand, protein rich foods such as meat, poultry, and diary require acidic gastric juices.
When we combine food rich in carbohydrates with food rich in protein, the blend of the two gastric juices compete against each other.
Our metabolism cannot process the combination of carbohydrate and protein in the same meal. As digestion slows, food stagnates, and fermentation begins.
Foods are also digested at different rates. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes to digest fruits, but two to five hours to digest animal proteins. When quick-digesting foods are consumed after slow-digesting foods, the digestive process is slowed down. The food on top begins to putrefy and ferment. Nothing can deplete more energy from the organism than an undigested meal.
10 Food Combination Rules Benefits:

Improves Digestion
Poor digestion is caused by disturbances in gut flora.
The theory of proper food combining improves digestion. Conditions such as indigestion, acid-reflex, and IBS are ameliorated.
Boosts Energy / Balances Mood
No matter what your mood, the right food combination of alkaline and acid will reduce anxiety and provide you with energy throughout the day.

Relieves Arthritic Pain
Inflammatory conditions arise from prolong eating of foods high in acids. The right combination of alkaline and acid food relieves the aches and pains of arthritis.
Weight Loss
Eating the right food is part of a healthy diet plan.
When losing weight, there are food choices that will help with weight loss. You can lose weight and still have all the food you want, you just have to eat it a certain way. The goal to healthy weight loss is to know what food to eat.

The 10 Food Combination Rules
When preparing a meal, combine only those foods that are complementary to one another. Follow these 10 food combining rules.
1.  Do not combine protein with carbohydrates.
2.  Do not combine more than one protein per meal.
3.  Do not combine protein with acid fruits.
4.  Do not combine acid fruits with sweet fruits.
5.  Do not combine fruits with vegetables.
6.  Combine vegetables with protein.
7.  Combine vegetables with complex carbohydrates.
8.  Combine protein with fats.
9.  Combine starch with starch. 
    10.  Melons are best eaten alone.
Antimonium crudum treats indigestion after eating an excessive amount of fatty food.
Plumbum is indicated in the treatment of abdominal cramping and chronic constipation. 
Veratum albums treats severe abdominal cramping with vomit accompanied by cold sweats.
Bryonia treats dyspepsia aggravated by movement.
Chelone glabra accelerates digestion.
Carbo vegetabilis is an effective remedy in the treatment of intestinal gas.
Nux Vomica relieves bloating, stomach cramps, and gas.
Ipeca treats nausea, gas, and diarrhea. 
Lycopodium is indicated in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems.
The Thermic Effects of Foods
Some foods speed up the metabolism more than others.
The amount of energy expended by our body for digesting and processing food is called Thermic Effect of Foods.
Calories By Food.
Simple carbohydrates: Your body burns 3% more energy calories through digestion and processing.
Complex Carbohydrates: Your body burns 20% more energy calories through digestion and processing. Fibrous vegetables 20%.
Fats: Your body burns 3% more energy calories through digestion and processing.
Protein: Your body burns 30% more energy calories through digestion and processing.
More calories are burned for digesting and processing protein, than fats, and carbohydrates.

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