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10 Characteristics of Syphilis Miasm Diathesis

Syphilis is a venereal disease. It is transmitted through sexual contact by an infected person. Suspected syphilis in a woman can cause her to give birth to children who are blind, crippled, or deformed. Through a routine blood test syphilis can be detected.

The symptoms of syphilis appear in three stages: primary, secondary, and tertiary. It takes fifteen years for this infectious blood disease to reach the tertiary stage.
Although, it takes fourteen days to three months during the primary stage to present a chancre on the anus, genital, or lips, the moment the organism touches the skin, the disease takes hold. A chancre can represent a pimple, blister, or open sore.
The secondary stage of syphilis may appear nine weeks after infection. A rash resembling psoriasis may appear covering the entire skin, soles of feet, and the palms of hands. Sores may appear in the lining on the mouth and throat, around the genitals and rectum. There may be pain in the joints, headache, and fever. The eyes and nervous system may also become affected.
The external sore or rash is an attempt of the organism trying to purify itself.
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The syphilitic diathesis stems from a contagious and destructive organism. Syphilis is the miasmatic cause of cellular degeneration, deformities, and congenital defects in children.
According to Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, the syphilitic diathesis can be traced back to antecedent of syphilis.
You can recognize the syphilis individual by the malformation and ulceration of his bones. He has a
big head, big lips, poor eyesight, crocked nose, and crocked teeth. He is the descendant of past generations of alcohol, drugs, and sexual abuse.He inherited a metabolic imbalance which predisposes him to destructive and ulcerative disorders of the mucus, brain, bones and spinal cord. It is the diathesis of difficult growth and congenital defects. His deforming body has a tendency towards repeated infections.
The intense burning pain in his bones gets worse the moment he goes to bed. All sores tend to perforate deep down into the tissue which ulcerates and bleed. The Syphylitic stigmata affects his mind. He is immature, stubborn, and violent. He has a desire to destroy things, to kill himself and others.
In every chronic disease lays a fundamental pathological factor. Unless the root cause of the disease is treated, it will never be cured.
Luesinum is indicated in the treatment of chronic disease in the Syphilis diathesis. It addresses deep dermatological disorders which have a tendency to ulcerate. Luesinum is indicated in the treatment of all skin conditions, and chronic pains of the bones which get worse at night. This miasm has a mental tendency to self-destruction.
10 Characteristics of Syphilis Miasm Diathesis
1. Destructive disorder.

2. Deformation of the bones.  

3. Ulcerative tendencies. Destruction of soft tissues.

4. All “Dyses” pathologies (dysplasia, dystrophy, dysmenorrhea, dysphagia etc.).

5. Affection of mesodermal origin (bones, cartilage, lymph, blood, vascular, etc.).

7. Asymmetrical body structure (teeth, nose, extremities, etc.)

8. Mental and physical paralysis. Always sick catches everything.

9. Ameliorates through abnormal discharge (pus, leucorrhea, blood, etc.).

10. Ameliorates in the mountains or at high altitude.

10 characteristics of syphilis miasm diathesis
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